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Middlesbrough – investment town

Middlesbrough is entering a phase of real opportunity for all.  With over £700m of investment already planned in new housing, learning, leisure and business facilities, the town’s ambitions have never been greater.

Over the coming years the Council alongside a range of partners in the public and private sectors are determined to bring high quality jobs and world-class learning opportunities to Middlesbrough.  The aim being to improve the overall quality of life for all Middlesbrough residents.

Internationally renowned multi-disciplinary designers HemingwayDesign have been appointed to work with Middlesbrough Council and partners on harnessing the exciting developments that are in progress / being planned for Middlesbrough over the next few years to create a new place brand for the town.

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What is a place brand?

A place brand is a comprehensive marketing campaign that gives a town or city a completely new and community-led story and identity to support the overall promotion of that place, then communicates that story to its target markets.

A place brand can:

  • Unify public sector organisations, business, residents, community groups and faiths under one brand identity and tone of voice,
  • Improve internal and external perceptions,
  • Increase business enquiries and investment,
  • Increase visitor numbers,
  • Attract and retain talent,
  • Become platform for future development,
  • Provide a springboard for marketing activity that will help the town achieve its goals,
  • Enable a coordinated approach to place making and improvements to the public realm,
  • Empower people and raise aspirations.

What a place brand needs to deliver
















The place brand process


Discovery, Listening & Gathering

We will discuss current targets, the challenges and ambitions within the council and all sectors of the community. This will enable and inspire people internally and externally, and help define and inform the creative process. We aim to gain an understanding of the area’s actual and perceived character. The output of this phase will be a detailed evidence base to develop the narrative, key themes and drive the creative direction for the visual identity. Take part in our Middlesbrough Place Brand Survey


Insight & Narrative

Developing the key values, themes and points of distinction which form the new Middlesbrough narrative.


Shaping & Creating

Creative ideas and strategic direction that visually captures the essence and identity of Middlesbrough with accompanying words/slogans to communicate a tone of voice.


Guiding & Delivering

Materials that showcase the most effective ways to communicate the new Middlesbrough place brand and guide local businesses how to utilise it to support and strengthen their own brands.



Strategy and implementation plan including ideas for future campaigns, the launch and marketing rollout.

Co-design and engagement - including, informing and inspiring

Why are we engaging?

We know that the key to a successful place brand strategy is to strip back the layers and get to the heart of how Middlesbrough wants, and needs, to be defined – and all its little quirks in between. And that means reaching out to the community to gather the detail and stories that inspire the Middlesbrough brand narrative.

Have your say:

Engagement and consultation sets out the strategic context for the place brand process. Our primary goal is to formulate a place narrative and identity that supports the overall promotion of the town or city. This will be built on an honest assessment of its challenges and opportunities; understanding what is and what isn’t working is vital.

We want to hear about how you want your town to develop? What makes your town great? Let us capture your vision and values so we can help you build a vibrant narrative for Middlesbrough.

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